Q.1 : What is MetroZip?

Ans: MetroZip is a technology driven employee transport service.

Q.2 : How economical is it?

Ans: Quite economical as you only end up paying for the distance travelled as per the route slots such as Short, Medium or Long route. Passes are available as per your Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly and Daily travelling need too.

Q.3 : How Safe and Secured it is?

Ans: Every bus has a Driver App, loaded with the details of commuters and therefore entry to the bus is restricted only to the authorized users and un-authorized users are prohibited from accessing the same. In addition, the inbuilt Hi-end GPS technology helps you track these buses any time en-route. Availability of Soft Panic Button for Driver & Passenger App makes our buses uniquely secured as it helps you combat any unforeseen emergency situation en-route.

Q.4 : How is it eco-friendly?

Ans: Every single bus will replace minimum 10 cars or 20 two wheelers. In return, your carbon foot print comes down. In case of company provided transportation, being a captive bus transport only 60% to 70% is occupied, hence fleet size increases.

Q.5 : How will the driver ensure that the boardingpass holder is the authorised user?

Ans: a. Authorized pass will be displacing on user’s mobile app, which ensures the passenger has to board only his/her, designated bus.

  • In case of non-mobile app users passenger has to display or to read his/her pass number to complete manual authorization.
The boarding pass of the authorized user will display unique pass no with bus details, which will be matched with driver app.

Q.6 : Can users avail the services for multiple journeys in a day?

Ans: Yes, of course on the seat availability. The fare will be deducted from the mobile app on every travelling instance. Alternatively, user can purchase multiple passes as per travel need.

Q.7 : How will users know that the validity period is over or the balance in the mobile app needs to be recharged?

Ans: Users can see the validity period & balance on mobile app at any time. If expiry of validity and/or when the balance becomes too less for travel, user can validate/renew by using Mobile app or by visiting metrozip.in

Q.8 :How will I track my bus?

Ans: All buses are fitted with GPS trackers, you can track your bus by using option “Track” in mobile app. Mobile app will show your bus Standard Time of Arrival, Estimated Time of Arrival and the current bus location.

Q.9 : What is the Arrival or departure time to book my bus route?

Ans: You can see this on your mobile app or by logging on to MetroZip.com, headed as “Routes”

Q.10 :What if users are not carrying the boarding pass on a particular day?

Ans: Without valid boarding pass, users will not be able to use the services.

Q.11 : If the mobile app validity has expired or there is zero balance on the card, will users be allowed to avail of the services?

Ans: Users will be allowed a one-way travel with minimum balance of one rupee and will be requested to recharge their balance/validity before boarding the bus again. The amount for that travel will be deducted from his balance after recharge.

Q.12 : Can the bus pass be reloaded to any amount or only a fixed route cost? What would be the validity? Can users pay in advance but choose a later start date for usage?

Ans: The bus pass can be reloaded only for mentioned packages for a fixed route. The validity of bus pass would be as per the below table from the date of journey. Yes, users can make the payment/apply for the bus pass in advance and choose a start date for usage. (Maximum 5 days from date of payment)

Pass Validity
1 Day 1 Day
5 Day 7 Day
15 Days 21 Days
30 Days 30 Days
90 Days 90 Days

Q.13 : If the bus pass is reloaded before the expiry date, how will the new validity of the bus pass balance be calculated? How will the previous balance be treated?

Ans: If the card is loaded before the expiry date, the new validity will start as per pass package purchase. either when the money is exhausted from current month’s value or when the validity gets over for the current monthly bus pass. In case the cash is exhausted before the 30-days validity of the current month, the new recharge will be effective from the next day and will be valid for the next 30 days E.g. If x person does a recharge of Rs. 500 with 30 days validity, somehow he ends up using that amount (Rs. 500) in 20 days, then he has to recharge with Rs. 500. Now the validity of the recharge will start immediately from the day of recharge.

Q.14 : Can users change their residential address and their pickup / drop point?

Ans: Yes they can. Users will have to log into their MetroZip account to make such changes of their address and pick up / drop points.

Q.15 : Can users board or dis-embark the bus from a different boarding point other than specified on their bus pass?

Ans: Yes. MetroZipZip offers the flexibility to board or disembark at any stop of the users’ choice with availibity of seat. The rate will be applicable as per short, mid & long bus stop.

Q.16 : Can users temporarily cancel a bus service after 15 days of use and re-start the same after 20 days?

Ans: No. Bus pass comes with package validity. The amount loaded in the bus pass will expire after pass validity and it needs to be recharged for further use.

Q.17 : What happens to the amount loaded on the card if users use the bus service only for a few odd days?

Ans: The amount loaded for the month will get exhausted as per package validity.

Q.18 : Can users get refund of the unused amount?

Ans: Sorry…………… They can’t.

Q.19 : What are the facilities available in the buses?

Ans: All buses are branded with comfortable seat and driven by well-trained drivers. Charging point available near driver’s seat.

Q.20 : Is the bus service available on Saturdays / Sundays and other holidays?

Ans: As on date it is not available.

Q.21 : What is trip cancelation? Will amount be refunded on trip cancelation?

Ans: In the event of Commuter having decided not to avail the pre-scheduled trip he / she has the option available to re-schedule the said trip at a later time during the same day with a boarding / drop point of his / her choice. This re-scheduling is solely attributable to the commuter and hence refund as such is not permissible.

Q.22 : What is pass cancelation? Will amount be refunded on pass cancelation? How much amount will be refunded?

Ans: Pass once availed cannot be cancelled or transferred.

Q.23 : What is trip re-schedule? Can I postpone dates for reschedule or it will be for same day only? What charge it will take for trip reschedule for long route?

Ans: Re Schedule is the option in which one can change his/her timings, pick-up/drop point for same day and cannot be postponed Depending on balance and validity alive, one can reschedule for long route also.