About Metrozip.

Zip your way from home to Hinjewadi and back.

If driving to our office at Hinjewadi is driving you crazy opt for a hassle-free and comfortable option - The Metrozip Hinjewadi Shuttle Service. This newly introduced service will change the way you commute, offering you convenient timings and multiple routes to reach Hinjewadi. With a trained staff of expert drivers and no standing policy, this fleet of smart , sleek and GPS-enabled buses will makes you forget about the poor roads, bad traffic and perils of pollution. What's more? This service has pocket friendly distance-based packages to choose from that will only make you wallet fatter. Plus, the flexibility or rather luxury to get on and off at any stop on any route is an added benefit. So what are you waiting for? choose the Metrozip Hinjewadi Shuttle Service and get ready to surf, chat or even snooze as you Metrozip your way to work and back.